Custom Molded Cable Assemblies

Custom Molded Cable Assemblies


How We Do It

Custom molded cable assemblies are cable assemblies that are designed and manufactured to fit specific applications and requirements. These assemblies are used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical equipment, and telecommunications, among others.

The process of creating custom molded cable assemblies typically involves designing and producing a mold that fits the specific shape and size of the cable and connector. The mold is then filled with a specialized material, such as PVC, polyurethane, or silicone, which forms a protective and durable housing around the cable and connector.

Custom molded cable assemblies offer several advantages over traditional cable assemblies, including improved durability, resistance to environmental factors such as moisture, heat, and chemicals, and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Additionally, custom molded cable assemblies can be designed to fit into tight spaces and accommodate specific cable lengths and connector types.

Overall, custom molded cable assemblies offer a flexible and reliable solution for connecting electrical components in a variety of industries, with the added benefit of improved performance and protection. The design and manufacturing of custom molded cable assemblies require skilled technicians and specialized equipment to ensure that they meet the exact specifications of each project.


We Make it Work

We produce molded cable assemblies, using different types of connectors and electronic or computer interface cables, to match customer designs. Our in-house injection molding capabilities help us to over-mold assemblies from any plastic material. The Arburg plastic injection-molding unit at our facility is dedicated for over molding electronic cable assemblies.

Our designers work closely with the client, review their drawings, and point out any potential problems before the commencement of cable assembly production. The team also analyzes connector orientation cable length and the breakout or bends locations prior to building electronic assemblies. This analysis helps to eliminate budget as well as scheduling problems for many of our OEM customers.

Molded cable assemblies go through our quality control department, where electrical testing process is conducted on all assemblies. To perform such tests, we have a variety of continuity test equipment from Cablescan, P-Tronics and Cirris Electronics. Visual and dimensional inspection, along with intermediate assembly testing, is also performed on request.

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Nicholas Beardsley
Nicholas Beardsley
John Cook and his team produced parts for two critical customer facing project at once very quickly and got us out of a real jam. Their product was perfect and lots of valuable advice and suggestions were provided free of charge. Great supplier, just sent them over a new project today!!!
datron Johnson
datron Johnson
Mark C
Mark C
Good contract manufacturer for making cables.
Joshua Garza
Joshua Garza