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Wire Harness Assembly


How We Do It

Wire harness assembly refers to the process of creating a complex system of interconnected wires, cables, and connectors that are used to transmit electrical signals and power in various applications. It involves the meticulous arrangement, routing, and securing of individual wires into a bundled harness, which is then terminated with connectors or terminals to establish connections with other components or devices.

The assembly of wire harnesses typically begins with a detailed design or schematic, which outlines the specific routing and connections required for the given application. This design includes information about the wire lengths, gauges, colors, and any additional components or protective coverings that may be necessary.

During the assembly process, wires are carefully measured, cut to the appropriate length, and stripped of insulation at their ends. The stripped ends are then crimped or soldered onto connectors, terminals, or other components as specified by the design. This ensures secure and reliable electrical connections.

Once the individual wires have been prepared, they are organized and bundled together using various methods such as taping, braiding, or zip tying. These bundling techniques help to maintain the integrity of the wire harness, prevent tangling or damage, and provide a neat and organized appearance.


We Make it Work

With around three decades of experience in component selection and manufacturing sequences, Phoenix-Lamar can handle all type of wire harness jobs. Be it an assembly of few inches or a few yards, your wire harness assembly will be precisely assembled and 100 percent electrically tested, ensuring that it is ready for plug in.

We conform to a range of standards for electronic and electrical wiring products. Apart from testing outgoing wire harnesses, our quality department also performs inspections of all incoming sourced electrical components prior to assembly, to ensure quality. Visual and dimensional inspection is also performed along with intermediate assembly testing where applicable.

In addition, our design team works closely with you to review drawings, assist in the design phase, and point out any potential problems with the design prior to assembly. We also provide this service for cable assembly rework, on request.

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Nicholas Beardsley
Nicholas Beardsley
John Cook and his team produced parts for two critical customer facing project at once very quickly and got us out of a real jam. Their product was perfect and lots of valuable advice and suggestions were provided free of charge. Great supplier, just sent them over a new project today!!!
datron Johnson
datron Johnson
Mark C
Mark C
Good contract manufacturer for making cables.
Joshua Garza
Joshua Garza